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Bundeskartellamt - Personnel

Date of issue: 13.06.2017

On 12 June, 2017, following the establishment of a new Decision Division for Consumer Protection, the following appointments were made:

  • Prof. Dr Carsten Becker, until now in charge of the 8th Decision Division, is the new chair of the Decision Division for Consumer Protection.
  • Mr Christian Ewald, until now in charge of the 1st Decision Division, is appointed as chair of the 8th Decision Division.
  • Dr Markus Wagemann will take over as chair of the 1st Decision Division whilst retaining his function as chair of the 7th Decision Division until further notice.

Further information:

New decision division for consumer protection – The 9th Amendment to the German Competition Act confers new competences upon the Bundeskartellamt (Press release of 12.06.2017)