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Bundeskartellamt launches sector inquiry into market conditions in online advertising sector

Date of issue: 01.02.2018

Sector inquiry into the online advertising sector

Titel des Beitrags Online-Werbung

The Bundeskartellamt has launched a sector inquiry into the online advertising sector.

The Bundeskartellamt will focus on the effects of current and foreseeable technical developments on the market structure and the market opportunities of the various players. It will examine the significance of different technical services and the way in which they function. These include options for measuring visibility, collecting data and preventing fraud as well as services more on the level of the actual marketing and procurement of ad spaces.
The authority will also examine whether, as some market players claim, closed systems of a few large providers actually exist and what significance these systems have, if any.

For more information please see the press release.

Online advertising ist also the topic of the new publication in the series of papers on "Competition and Consumer Protection in the Digital Economy": Online advertising.
It is available for download here.