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ATM withdrawal fees for customers of other banks - current status

Date of issue: 15.09.2017

The Bundeskartellamt has concluded an extensive investigation into fees charged by German banks for withdrawals from their ATMs by customers of other banks.


Andreas Mundt: "We will continue to monitor the market. In individual cases we may well institute price abuse proceedings if the withdrawal fee for customers of other banks is particularly high at an ATM to which there is no alternative for miles around. We will also monitor the existing ATM networks. On account of their significant position in the market they are obliged to decide on membership applications on the basis of fair and non-discriminatory criteria."

Further information can be found in the case summary “Entgelte bei Geldautomatenabhebungen” [in German] which is available for download on the Bundeskartellamt’s website. An English translation of the case summary will be provided soon.

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