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Bundeskartellamt imposes fines on automotive part manufacturers

Date of issue: 13.07.2017

The Bundeskartellamt has imposed fines amounting to 9.6 million euros on three manufacturers of heat shields and their representatives.

Aluminium Coilsphonlamaiphoto/Fotolia)

The companies involved are Elring Klinger Abschirmtechnik (Schweiz) AG, Sevelen (Switzerland), Estamp S.A.U., Terrassa (Spain) and Lydall Gerhardi GmbH & Co. KG, Meinerzhagen (Germany). No fine was imposed on Carcoustics International GmbH, Leverkusen (Germany) which also participated in the illegal agreements because by cooperating with the authority it had helped to uncover and provide evidence of the cartel.

The companies are accused of agreeing in 2011 to pass on increased material costs to their customer VW.

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