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LEGO changes its discount system - Fairer conditions for online sales

Date of issue: 18.07.2016

The toys manufacturer LEGO has undertaken to operate its discount system in future in such a way that online retailers will be able to obtain the same level of discount as brick-and-mortar retailers.

Legosteine LEGOdesignritter/

LEGO will introduce alternative or additional discount criteria for online sales which will be adapted to the particular features of this form of distribution. The Bundeskartellamt had reacted to complaints by retailers and initiated a proceeding. The authority has now been able to terminate the proceedings thanks to LEGO's cooperation.

Further information on the topic "Vertical Restraints in the Internet Economy“ is available on the Website of the Bundeskartellamt (in German).

Information on similar cases: Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte (see press release of 23 December 2013), GARDENA (see press release of 28 November 2013) and Dornbracht (see case summary of 13. Dezember 2011 [in German])

For more information please see the press release.