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Sector inquiries

Since the 7th Amendment of the GWB in 2005 the Bundeskartellamt can conduct sector inquiries to gain an impression of the competition situation in certain economic sectors.

Sector inquiries are not targeted against individual companies nor do they follow up a concrete suspicion of a cartel violation. Their purpose is to gain extensive information about the markets concerned. Furthermore, the market knowledge acquired from a sector inquiry can also be useful to the Bundeskartellamt in other proceedings.

Here you may find the English versions of some of the sector inquiries published by the Bundeskartellamt so far. For more information please visit the German website.

Sector Inquiry into the food retail sector

Summary of the Final Report of the Sector Inquiry (September 2014)

District Heating

Sector Inquiry District Heating (August 2012)


Milk Sector Inquiry (January 2012)
Interim Results of the Milk Sector Inquiry (December 2009)


Fuel Sector Inquiry (May 2011)
Interim Results of the Fuel Sector Inquiry (June 2009)


Electricity Generation and Wholesale Markets (January 2011)

Gas Transmission

Gas Transmission Sector Inquiry (December 2009)