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Tip-offs about cartel violations

Illegal cartels are conducted in secret. The persons and companies involved in such agreements are usually extremely conspiratorial. This is why we need your assistance. Please report any information on illegal agreements to us!

We need your help to effectively prosecute cartels

With the introduction of several measures over the last years, the Bundeskartellamt was able to continually improve the effectiveness of its cartel prosecution, to the benefit of the economy as a whole and the consumer. Nevertheless, illegal cartel agreements remain difficult to uncover and prove. The persons and companies involved in such activities are usually extremely secretive. This is why insider knowledge or information about such illegal agreements is so important for detecting and breaking up illegal cartels.

Concrete tip-offs are essential and can help prevent further harm. It would help us with our investigations if you could state your name and your relationship (business or personal) to the cartel. Such information is usually of higher information and evidential value than anonymous tip-offs.

If you have insider knowledge or information about illegal agreements, please do not hesitate to contact the Bundeskartellamt, either in writing or by phone.

If you are a cartel member, the Bundeskartellamt's Leniency Programme offers you the chance to go unpunished if you help us to uncover the cartel. Leniency applications cannot be submitted anonymously or via the whistle-blowing system.

Anonymous tip-offs

There are situations where someone who has insider knowledge or specific information about a cartel might be reluctant to pass on this information, for fear of negative consequences or even reprisals. Such insider knowledge can, however, be particularly useful for detecting and punishing cartels and help to prevent further damage.

For such cases the Bundeskartellamt has set up a standardised whistle-blowing system. The information provided cannot be traced back to you, as long as you do not enter any data that allow inferences about your identity. The system has been certified by a publicly appointed and sworn expert and is used in the anti-corruption systems of well-known companies, criminal police offices of the Länder, and police authorities. Further information on the system is available at

Anonymous tip-offs may be submitted here.

Anonymous tip-offs can, of course, still be submitted by post or telephone, provided the name and address, phone number or other indicators of the identity of the informant are not discernable. This is the responsibility of the informant, as indicators of his identity (such as a telephone number in the display) have to be noted down by the authority, in which case his anonymity can no longer be ensured.