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Here you may find reports relating to the work of the Bundeskartellamt.

Competition Law and Digital Economy

The Internet Think Tank`s working paper "Market Power of Platforms and Networks", its Executive Summary and a statement on Results and Recommendations are available here.

Working Paper - Market Power of Platforms and Networks (PDF, 1MB)

Working Paper - The Market Power of Platforms and Networks - Executive Summary (PDF, 229KB)

Bundeskartellamt Paper on Platform Market Power - Results and Recommendations (PDF, 316KB)

Joint Paper of the Autorité de la concurrence and the Bundeskartellamt on Competition Law and Data

Competition Law and Data (PDF, 1MB)


Monitoring Report 2017 - Key findings

Monitoring Report 2016

Monitoring Report 2015

Monitoring Report 2014

Monitoring Report 2013

Monitoring Report 2012

The Monitoring Report 2012 marks the first time the Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency) and the Bundeskartellamt (Federal Cartel Office) have presented a joint report on the development of the electricity and gas markets in Germany. The report documents, analyses and evaluates developments in the electricity and gas markets in 2011.