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Further documents

Here you can find guidelines, leaflets and model texts of the Bundeskartellamt. For more information, please see the German website.


Guidelines for the setting of fines in cartel administrative offence proceedings
With the following guidelines the Bundeskartellamt proceeds against companies and associations of companies in assessing the punitive element of fines imposed for so-called serious cartel administrative offences.

Guideline - Substantive Merger Control
This document illustrates the analytical approach taken by the Bundeskartellamt in assessing whether mergers create or strengthen a dominant position.

Leniency Guidelines
Notice on the immunity from and reduction of fines in cartel cases.


Cooperation for SMUs
Information leaflet of the Bundeskartellamt on the possibilities of cooperation for small and medium-sized enterprises.

German Merger Control (currently under review)
Information leaflet on the German control of concentrations

European Merger Control
Information leaflet on the European control of concentrations


ICN Anti-Cartel Enforcement Template

Model text for conditions precedent (up-front buyer)

Model text for conditions subsequent

Model text for obligations

Trustee Mandate