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Competition Authorities of the Länder

Apart from the Bundeskartellamt, each Land has its own competition authority. Violations of the ban on cartels or abusive practices, the effects of which are limited to one Land, are prosecuted by the respective Land competition authority. In cases in which the effects of violations of the ban on cartels or abusive practices extend beyond one Land, the Bundeskartellamt is the competent authority. In order to ensure an appropriate division of responsibilities, the GWB provides for the possibility to refer cases between the authorities should the circumstances of the individual case require this.

European Commission

The competition authority at the European level is the European Commission in Brussels. In accordance with the European Merger Regulation (German version) it examines mergers between companies which exceed certain turnover thresholds and conducts abuse and cartel proceedings unter European competition law. The devision of responsibilities between the EU Commission and the EU competition authorities is carried out by the ECN.

The Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway

The Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway also deals with competition issues. Its responsibility is to create effective competition in the above network-based markets (e.g. gas and electricity connections). A key feature of network-based markets is that companies wishing to sell their products or services to customers and do not have their own network infrastructure require access to the networks of other companies. This poses the problem that the network owner can refuse access to his network or demand excessive prices to hinder the competitor from entering the market. One of the responsibilities of the Federal Network Agency in this case is to ensure that the network owner allows his competitors non-discriminatory access to his network.

Monopolies Commission

In addition, the Monopolies Commission serves as an independent advisory body in the areas of competition policy and regulation. It has the statutory responsibility to monitor effective competition in Germany in general and in specific sectors of industry.

National competition authorities in Europe

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National competition authorities worldwide

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Euopean and International organisations

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