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Franco-German Competition Day

Since 2004 the French competition authorities and the Bundeskartellamt have hosted a biennial Franco-German Competition Day, which is organized in rotation by the respective competition authorities. At the conferences topics are discussed which, apart from their significance for multilateral cooperation at European level, are also of particular importance for the bilateral relationship between the two countries or which address specific competition issues affecting both of them.

The target group of the conferences are primarily staff members of the competition authorities concerned, and, depending on the topical focus of the conference, representatives of the respective regulatory agencies and company representatives, lawyers, university professors and judges.

The last Franco-German Competition Day was held
on 3 July 2018 in Bonn.

Topics of previous Franco-German Competition Days were:

2018 (Bonn)
Quoi de neuf dans l’analyse des abus – standards et attentes
Les défis du contrôle des concentrations sur les marchés numériques

2016 (Paris)
Cooperations and mergers in the retail trade in France and Germany
Antitrust analysis of digital platforms
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2014 (Bonn)
Vertical Restraints in Online Sales
Convergence and Consolidation in the Telecommunications Sector - Fixed Networks, Cable Networks, Mobile Communications

2012 (Paris)
Current developments in merger control - decisions in the media sector and commitment practice in merger cases

2010 (Bonn)
Prosecution of cartels in Germany

2008 (Strasbourg)
Antitrust Enforcement in the Energy Markets in France and Germany

2006 (Bonn)
Protecting Competition or SMEs? - Illegal practices below the level of market dominance

2004 (Paris)
European Regulation 1/2003 – initial stock-taking from a French and German viewpoint
The new media and challenges of media convergence and digitalisation for competition law